TradeZero is in Canada

We are excited to welcome you to TradeZero Canada! We have a lot in store, but first all Canadian residents need to transfer their accounts. Before you begin, there are a few things you need to know about the two main steps you'll be taking.

First, you will be need to sign a data transfer consent form allowing TradeZero International to send your data to TradeZero Canada. We will then manage the data transfer on our end.

After that, you will create your new TradeZero Canada account in just a few minutes.

Once both of these steps are complete, we will facilitate the account transfer process for you. There are no fees associated with your account transfer, and we will transfer your funds completely free of charge.

Approve the transfer of data from from TradeZero International to TradeZero Canada

  • 1. Navigate to the TradeZero International login page and log in.
    LOG IN
  • 2. After logging in navigate to the transfer opt-in form: My Account>Transfer to Canada. (Alternatively, you will have a notification on your dashboard that will direct you to the correct place)
  • 3. Read and agree to the data opt-in
  • 4. You will receive an email confirming that your data has been successfully migrated. This will take less than a minute.

Approve your new TradeZero Canada account

  • 5. The email you received above will guide you to the TradeZero Canada login page. Your TradeZero International password will be transferred to TradeZero Canada. You will log in using your existing password.
    LOG IN
  • 6. You will find all forms pre-populated for you. Please review and update all personal information before submitting your application.
  • 7. We will transfer your funds and positions for you. This process can take several days. You will receive an email notifying you of the successful transfer.
  • 8. Finally, you will need to re-sign your market exchange agreements by navigating to "Platform" in the portal and selecting your market data options.

You are now a TradeZero Canada client with all of the benefits that confers!

Now it's our turn. We will process your data request and transfer your funds and positions between market close the following Friday and before market open the next Monday. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Customer Service: 1-866-995-9585
Or just email: [email protected]

Please note: If your account is not transferred before December 31st, your account will be liquidated, and your funds will be transferred to the financial institution associated with your TradeZero International account.

What are the new benefits?
Now that TradeZero is in Canada Canadian clients will be insured by the Canadian Investor Protection Funds (CIPF) with protection up to one million CAD, and you will have access to experts right here in Canada. You will be able to deposit in Canadian dollars and will have far broader flexibility in terms of funding access (bank wire or Interac e-transfers). Keep checking in on the TradeZero Canada website for additional offers and feature releases.
Is this transfer required?
If you are a resident of Canada, yes, this transfer is required. All TradeZero International accounts belonging to Canadian residents will be closed on December 31st, 2022.
Can I still trade on my TradeZero International Account?
After the transfer to TradeZero Canada, your TradeZero International account will still exist, but you will be unable to trade.
Will my trading history on TradeZero International still be available?
Yes. You will still be able to log into your TradeZero International account and check your trading history.
How can I get tax documents from my TradeZero International account?
Your account will still be accessible after transfer to TradeZero Canada. You will be able to access all relevant documents.
My account information is not populating.
Please call customer support at +1-866-995-9585 or just email: [email protected]
Will TradeZero Canada offer Platinum service?
At this point in time, our goal is to add Platinum Service to TradeZero Canada. Please check in with us periodically for announcements regarding feature releases.

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