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All orders with TradeZero are either FREE or PAID.

Free Orders

$0.00 USD Free Limit Orders

  • Limit order must not create an immediate match.
  • Symbol must trade on NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ and be greater than $1 USD.
  • This applies to all orders that are 100 shares or greater.
Fee Example Commission
Buy 1000 shares of AAPL at less than $125.10 USD
AAPL Current Price (Bid 125 x Ask 125.10)
Sell 2000 shares SIRI at greater than $3.75 USD
SIRI Current Price (Bid 3.75 x Ask 3.80)
Short 100 shares of IBM at greater than $135 USD
IBM Current price Bid (135 x Ask 135.05)
Cover 100 shares of IBM at less than $135.05 USD
IBM Current price Bid (135 x Ask 135.05)

Paid Orders

Paid Orders: $0.005 USD Per Share

  • Orders less than 100 shares: $0.49 USD flat fee.
  • All stocks, ETFs and warrants on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX.
  • All equity securities below $1.00 USD: $0.005 USD per share with a $.49 USD flat fee/minimum and a $7.95 USD max charge up to 250k shares.
Fee Example Commission
Buy 1000 shares of AAPL at $125.10 USD or greater
AAPL Current Price (Bid 125 x Ask 125.10)
$5.00 USD
Sell 2000 shares SIRI at $3.75 USD or lower
SIRI current price (Bid 3.75 x Ask 3.80)
$10.00 USD
Buy 50 shares of SIRI at Market $0.49 USD
Stocks trading below $1.00 USD are
$7.95 USD per trade up to 250,000 shares.
(Buy 200,000 shares of ABC at $0.75 USD)
$7.95 USD
Buy 90 shares IBM at 135
IBM Current price Bid 135 x Ask 135.05
$0.49 USD


Options $.59 USD per contract
Options Clearing Corp (OCC) fee $0.055 USD per contract
Options Regulatory Fee (ORF) $0.02905 USD per contract
Option Exercise or Assignment $35 USD

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Other Fees

Daily Short Locates As Quoted
Overnight Borrow Market rate which changes daily based on market conditions (as of 9/26/2022)
Overnight Borrow - Odd Lots Odd lot positions (less than 100 shares) will be rounded up to the nearest hundred shares
Margin Debit Interest 9% annually (only applies to stocks held overnight with values exceeding equity)
TAF Fee $0.000119 USD per share, sell side only
SEC Fee $0.000080 USD x dollar amount, sell side only
NSCC Fee $0.00015 USD per share
FOCUS Fee $0.0000007 USD per share
SIPC Fee $0.000015 USD per share

All $ values displayed on this page are in USD

Trading Software

Platform Fees

OTC Markets is an additional fee of $5 USD for Level 1 and $15 USD for Level 2 for non-professionals.
Professional exchange fees are passed through at cost and cannot be rebated with volume

Platform Monthly Cost Volume for Free Platform
ZeroWeb Level 2 ZeroPro $59 USD 100,000 shares per month
ZeroMobile Free Must have an active Web or Pro user ID
ZeroFree Free 0 shares per month

Platform Comparison

Features ZeroPro ZeroWeb ZeroFree ZeroMobile
Price per month (Free after 100k Shares) $59 USD per mo. includes both $0 USD per mo. $0 USD per mo. / included with all platforms
Level 2 /# of Level 2 Windows Yes/ 6 windows Yes/ 4 windows Yes/ 1 window No
Advanced HotKeys Yes Yes Add-On / $15 per Month No
Charting with Indicators Yes/ 10 windows Yes/ 6 windows Yes/ 2 windows Yes
Real-time News Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direct Hard to Borrow Locates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stock Screener Yes No No No
Options Trading Yes No No No
Alerts Yes No No No
Real-time NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ Level 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Top Lists - Gainers, Losers, Changers Yes No No No
Custom Layouts Yes Yes No No
Window Linking Yes Yes Yes No
OTC Markets Level 1 $5 USD per month $5 USD per month $5 USD per month $5 USD per month
OTC Markets Level 2 $15 USD per month $15 USD per month $15 USD per month $15 USD per month

All $ values displayed on this page are in USD

Account Related Fees

Account Related Fees

TradeZero offers the lowest cost in the industry. We provide 100% Free non-marketable limit orders to all of our accounts. Open an account with TradeZero today and start saving on commissions. All limit orders sent that are not instantly executable are free of charge.

Inactivity fees $0 USD
Outgoing Withdrawals $50 USD
Incoming Deposits (Fee is waived for initial deposits $500 and over) $0 USD
Reorgs (Reverse Splits & Symbol Changes) $35 USD
Broker assisted trades $30 USD
CAD deposit will be automatically converted to USD in full at the exchange rate of the prevailing rate plus 100 BP

All $ values displayed on this page are in USD

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